Five things to know when buying or selling gold


Ever since prehistoric times, humans have been fascinated by gold. No other metal has been so coveted…for so long. Thanks to its everlasting luster, malleability, density and industrial usefulness; gold is what we measure money against.

When you are in the market to sell or buy gold, we offer the ongoing advice of Mr. Y. Tourgeman, Director of Watchbuyer$ and Goldbuyers in Montreal.

The five things you need to consider are:


  • How many grams of gold do you have? You need to know the weight to determine value.
  • How many karat is your piece? Unlike diamonds where carats are a measure of weight, karat indicate purity of the gold.  Twenty four-karat gold (24k) is nearly 100%. You need to determine what percentage of gold is really in your sample, to determine how much gold is actually in it.
  • Find the current spot market price for gold. This is easy, just look it up on google!
  • Start shopping around! Mr. Tourgeman says, if you can get 75% of the spot price of gold…you are doing well.
  • Know your units and your dealer! The spot price of gold is usually quoted in USD per ounce. If your sample is in grams you need to make sure you convert properly. Also, if you shop around, make sure you deal with a reputable dealer with a good history of service to the public.

Good luck on your gold-dealing adventures!

Mr. Tourgeman is available for questions and private audiences at their office in Montreal. They purchase gold, diamonds, precious metals, fine Swiss watches and lightly-used luxury handbags.

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