Five things to know when selling a Swiss watch

‘Five-things-to-know’ when buying or selling a Swiss watch


Once again, we learn something new from Mr. Y. Tourgeman, the Director of Watchbuyers and Goldbuyers International in Montreal.

First of all when buying a watch:

Determine when buying:

1)Do you want it for wearing or collecting?

If you get it for wearing well, just like a car, it depreciates 20% just walking out the door as new. So consider this.

3) If it’s for wearing, why not not get a pre-owned watch and the seller takes the depreciation. You get a nearly-new watch for a better price and nobody need know it was pre-owned!

4) If it´s for collecting then get it new, with certification and stick it in a safety-deposit box and wait out 20 years. Hopefully you both look as good in 20!

5) Check the resale market for the correct brand that keeps a good resale value before buying; so you know what to expect when you sell. Mr. Tourgeman recommends Rolex and Patek Philippe as two brands that get good resale returns.

Once again, if you buy it used, go through a reputable dealer and make sure you see the receipt and the certification. Only then can you be sure your purchase is a wise one.

Thank you! Stay tuned for ‘Five-things-to-know’ when buying or selling precious metals

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They purchase gold, diamonds, precious metals, fine Swiss watches and lightly-used luxury handbags.

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